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So as my summer vacation is close coming to an end I still feel kind of lost I feel I’ve explored so much in this summer but however I feel I haven’t been able to take care of business for example my goals have not been met, my room often feels messy I dread waking up not having a routine most of days have been really busy but overall the days I have down time its hard for me to be productive as I imagined myself.

The past two weeks have been the toughest in regards to my knee its been hurting but this week I feel a little more in control I have been more aware and being following the doctors orders. I also plan on changing my diet it sucks that since I cant be as active as I would like to be, means I have to watch my weight a lot more closely.

So yesterday after three weeks I was able to break a sweat and play tennis gosh I needed that endorphins. I loved breaking in that sweat and feeling alive again. I actually felt good enough to write to blog some.

Today I organized my outfits for the first couple weeks of school and the idea clouds my mind so not ready to go back to school. I currently just sat and ate a cream cheese bagel so bad for my diet however my lunch was so well balanced. My desk at home and school still need some mega organizing the rest of the week is pretty jammed packed nothing to bad but still. I’m behind on some pen pal letters and organizing other things. I’m trying to start running hopefully the last week of this month. So I feel I’ve been setting this monthly goal and they are semi being touched and not fully met. So over the next few days I’m come with goals of tri-month goals to meet in three months where I can myself see significant change.

My current hobbies are being a bum; it’s been hard for me to pick up a book since my book club book read. I still try to walk as much as I can. I’m aiming for keeping my space clean and still being able to work on my projects. I’m really trying to be self aware of what I eat. Currently obsessed with Selena Gomez “kill em with kindness” song and Banda MS “solo con verte” I have them on replay. Religiously watching the series of Joan Sebastian and re-watching Jane and catching up on some YouTube videos and yes even catching Pokémon. Well I’m go and get some work done talk real soon.

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