Clean eating 

Hola I feel like it’s been every since I’ve felt on track with my eating.I’ve been on vacation for the past 59 plus days and yes it been amazing but eating wise not so much.Before vacation I wasn’t in the best eating routine either luckily I was working out but now I’m currently doing lighter impact exercises as my knee gets better.

I was getting close to my goal wieght about 3 years ago. I was so close and I felt I was eating very good.I always like to blame my boyfriend because before we got together  I was on track again.However for the past years I’ve been bouncing 5lbs and gained like  about 15lbs and gosh it’s not muscle .In January I was doing whole 30 and dropped 8lbs however slowly but surely I went to my bad ways and those 8lbs have been bouncing around.

I feel I’m like a broken record that everyone plays when they are trying to lose wieght.However I’m more determined than ever to fix and clean this eating literally as soon as I get home from my trip. It’s been tough not being able to run and do those things that give me endorphins .I will be going whole 30 for the next month and  increasing my physical activity.After whole I’ll portion control and remin to eat clean with freedom to endugle when I can but in moderation. Gosh it’s sounds so much easier said than done.
Join me to clean up your eating start small, cut things here and there .Eat more whole foods a couple times a week and less eating out start baby steps I can’t wait to get home and start the cleaning.

Night world 

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