“Natural Bridges”Santa Cruz,CA

Have you ever just wanted to stand near waves of water and admire its true beauty? In California in Santa Cruz we have Natural bridges park and I truly recommend this as a stop if your heading to the beaches of Santa Cruz or the famous Santa Cruz board walk. The boardwalk is a popular spot in Santa Cruz, but natural bridges is a truly gem of its own.



My boyfriend and I decided to take an express trip up to Santa Cruz to explore and indulge on the beauty of Natural bridges I had came across this place on the web many times and was truly drawn to visit. It was just a matter of making time to go visit the place and enjoy it up close.

It took us about three hours because we hit some traffic along the way, we arrived to natural bridges and I couldn’t help my self and want to run into the waves but gosh the water was freezing cold. It was early so the coldness was a lot stronger. We took some pictures and than wonder around the location I tripped on a rock while trying to climb something.

DSC_0639My boyfriend was trying to find some Pokémon as we walked. We walked back to the bridges admired them for a while longer and headed to find something to eat in Santa Cruz. We drove into downtown Santa Cruz walked a couple blocks and ended at pizza my heart and devoured pizza because we where starving.


I defiantly recommend natural bridges a must stop location it’s a true gem of Santa Cruz and if you get hungry stop by pizza my heart if your craving pizzaJ.

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