Capitola the city with the colorful hotel near the beach, yes that’s the one. After enjoying our yummy pizza in Santa Cruz we headed towards Capitola to be surprised with its colorful beauty. We headed towards the beach and luckily scored very good parking we walked to the beach and the sand was blowing hot. Compared to Santa Cruz, Capitola was surprisingly a lot hotter. My boyfriend and I explored the beach got in the water. Unfortunately he burned his feet from the heat from of the sand. It was not fun for him but we kept running in and out of the water.



The sun was a lot more tense in Capitola’s beach and for some reason there was so much seaweed it smelled like fish cocktail if you tried to smell real close. We stayed for a while enjoyed the waves and the views and strolled around the town and just enjoyed the day. We left trying to beat the traffic back home luckily we didn’t hit so much and truly enjoined our day at the beach.


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