Twenty-One Pilots –Berkeley, CA

“If we could turn back time to the good old days”…”because now were stressed out

My best friend and I have been really good this year about cutting our concert intake from a lot to literally no concerts I think this whole year we are only going to three. When last year we had a busy summer with many concerts and through the year.


We headed over to Berkeley a couple hours early we didn’t hit any traffic we were so lucky. We arrived to downtown Berkeley found a cute Thai place to eat at and it was a score. After yes we went walking around for dessert and caught some Pokémon, we were letting our diet roam free. I got rose pedal amazing.



After we walked up some huge hills to make it to the convert it was such an awake up to remind me how outta shape I was. The concert was fully packed I had never seen the Greek theater so full we arrived early and where able to catch some really good seats.



The concert was amazing and geesh I missed being able to go to concerts. Twenty-one pilots performance was crazy they did a lot of interactive craziness with their audience. I must say there fan base is so strong. The atmosphere was ecstatic the show ended and we headed back the big back to my friends car. The drive home was traffic free and bam that was such an awesome costume, I replayed the videos when I got home because I really missed going to concerts and having concerts adventures with my best friend.



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