Portland day 1(Roadtrip)

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Last week, I took a road trip with my sister and cousin up to Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington. I had never been to Portland and I was very curious to explore it and see what it had to offer. We headed out early to Portland and took on a little over 9hrs of driving with minimal three stops, for gas, bathroom runs and food. Many people had told me that the drive from California to Oregon and up to Washington was very scenic. I must admit it was true but I believe what was most breath taking for me was a little south of the border between California and Oregon you cross a bridge and the view on both sides is breath taking all you see below is tress and icy bluish green water. I was so bummed that I was driving while going thru this bridge that allowed such precious views. I drove about 4hrs and a half and my cousin took the wheel and drove us all the way to Portland .As we approached Portland all you could see in the window was trees and tress. As we a got into the city of Portland we were stopped by some traffic.


The Home

We arrived to our air and b home and just like the pictures I was in love with the home. The home was perfect in every way. We pulled up the driveway and our air and b person gave us very clear instructions as soon as we got installed, we met them and they helped us out providing some pointers. They had a little packet with information things you must know. The home was like an Pinterest dream home, literally. Our air and b person had games, and plenty of food in the fridge and anything in there was free for takes. I was in love with a chewie like (star wars) couch they had. We dropped off our stuff and headed off to explore Portland.


Exploring Portland

Aerial Tram

We headed to the aerial tram of the city the aerial tram was about 30 minutes away from where we where staying due to traffic. We arrived to aerial tram and it’s a tram that takes you from side of the city to the other in a very short distance. The cost of the tram is 4 dollars round trip which if you ask me is a deal. The view you see while on the tram is very genuine and one of a kind. I must admit while you’re on the tram it can feel kind of of scary like I said the ride was very short but worth the view.




After the tram we were starving we walked around downtown for a few blocks trying to find food unfortunately it seemed like a lot of places where busy or simply closed. We first stopped at a pizza place right across the Powell’s used bookstore and we didn’t think the pizza was worth our time and money. We walked and walked until we came across to a place that looked closed but wasn’t .It was called burger box and the burgers looked a little crazy but man they were awesome. Again we were starving but the service was great and the food was way worth the price because the prices where so reasonable for the food you where getting I was ecstatic.



Powell’s Bookstore

After having feed our belly’s with a much needed burger we walked a couple blocks to be mesmerized by Powell’s book store, Powell’s book store is the largest used bookstore the bookstore sells no product as well and covers a whole street corner with books. I loved walking around and getting lost in the halls of book my cousin not so much. But after walking around the bookstore and feeding our minds we left downtown and head to our lovely air and b home for a much-needed rest. Portland nights are so peaceful!


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