Portland Day 2(Roadtrip)

So I was able to get a good night’s sleep even with getting punched in my eye by my sister in the middle of the night. My sister and I where sharing a bed and in the middle of the night I remember her vividly hitting my eye and me literally screaming. I walked out of the room and slept in the living room it literally scared me. The next morning I woke up refreshed for the long day ahead of us. I woke up made breakfast and started to get ready. My sister soon woke up and she spotted raccoons running in our back yard I was like omg there in our backyard. We ate and got ready to explore Portland with a full day planned for activities.


Rose Garden

We arrived to the rose garden early and wondered around its many rows of roses. I have to admit I love the smell of roses and one of my favorite ice cream flavors with out a doubt is rose petals ice cream. We walked around the rose garden and took endless pictures of its beautiful gardens and roses. The garden is small but not big enough for, yes endless pictures and its free there is also a good view of the city from the garden. Fun fact Portland is own for its beautiful roses.




Japanese Garden

After walking around the rose garden, we headed over to the Japanese garden, and yes for more walking the entrance fee to the garden is very reasonable due to everything it has to offer. The garden is truly a dream come true, from beautiful waterfalls, peaceful steps, and majestic koi fish just to name a few. Your time at the Japanese garden is definitely worth every buck. My favorites from the Japanese garden with out a doubt where the waterfall and the koi fish. We spent about a little less than an hour covering the whole garden.

Cathedral Park and St. Johns Bridge

Cathedral Park was a few minutes of distance driving from the Japanese garden in order to get to Cathedral Park we had to cross St. John Bridge driving. Cathedral Park is literally a park built underneath St. John Bridge. We wondered around the park and made to where the water was, I even go into the water just for kicks. The water surprisingly was warm. After exploring the park, we decided to walk the bridge but I so regretted it after my sister didn’t want to go on the bridge but we both realized we needed to return back a few minutes into walking it. We wanted to walk half of it to get a good view but like I said my sister and where not feeling it. After our cousin met back with us we walked around the St. Johns neighborhood and had lunch, yummy pizza nostra was on the menu.


We ended our day exploring Portland’s waterfront we literally walked a few miles exploring the waterfront. We arrived to the waterfront walked for a bit and I was, impressed by how many bridges were in sight from the waterfront. I think I counted about five, no lies. I later pushed my cousin and sister to rent a bike to explore the rest of the waterfront for me it was awesome, I love bikes for, them it was okay they seemed a little tired after. After returning our bikes we continued walking to explore the end of the waterfront where there was somewhat of a beach. We left the waterfront feeling hungry and done for the day. The waterfront is truly a must stop in Portland just because it’s huge and you can truly enjoy it both walking and biking, they also offer a group bike where your group pedals as a group it looked really cool I’ll have to try it next time.


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