Seattle day 3 (roadtrip)

Seattle day 3


The drive up into Seattle took about 3hrs and as soon as we hit Tacoma we hit some traffic luckily for me I wasn’t driving, I was being a bad copilot and sleep most of the read I was trying to keep myself awake by eating flaming fuyins at 5am in the morning results failed ate most of the bag of chips and still fell asleep. We made it to Seattle and were awaked by the busiest of the city.

Kerry Park


Kerry Park was our first stop on our Seattle list, thinking back I think next time I’ll visit the park more lately in the day. We arrived and saw the beautiful views of the city skyline but we were all a little to sleepy and tried at least for my sake but the view was still breathless. We stayed there for a little than headed to check into our next air and b home.

Our air and b home in Seattle wasn’t as dreamy as our Portland home, it was a capital of inconvenience so I’ll just wont go into detail about the apartment because I’ll just go into a rant. After checking into our place we freshened up, changed and ate and headed towards the zoo.

Woodland Seattle Zoo


We made it to the zoo, which for starters at simple view is huge. The zoo is divided by sections it took us over an hour to explore every corner off the zoo we saw everything from bears to lions and hippos. My favorite animal with a doubt was the bear I had never seen a bear and they where huge. While at the zoo there where tons of people but not crowded enough not walk through the zoo peaceful. That day was a hot day in Seattle indeed.


Space needle bummer

We drove over to space needle with hopes to get to see the views the needle has to offer but it ended up being closed for Microsoft employees. We wondered the park and had the pleasure of seeing the water fountain music going on. We also grabbed some ice cream to keep us cool as we tried to feed our broken hearts because space needle was closed.


Sculpture Park


After exploring the park where space needle was at and having the bad luck that everything was mostly closed. We wondered and found Sculpture Park, which is a small park that offers nice view of the pier and simply is really pretty when the sun is coming down. The park is also filled with many abstract sculptures that are very unique. After walking around the park and exploring we headed to find dinner and decided for a whole foods your choice of food. I loved the mac and cheese it was just what I needed after a long day. We ended our night watching the evening turn into night as we ate our food outside with views of the city and the space needle very near.

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