Seattle day 4( Roadtrip)(a very busy day )

On day four of our road trip we had a busy day planned since the day before we missed out on space needle we had to pack everything in our city passes for one day. That morning we woke up early and headed to Pike’s Place.

Pike Place


Early bird gets the worm they say we arrived at pike and scored a decent price parking for people that arrive early. When traveling to big cities parking prices can be an arm and leg literally. We had breakfast in a small little place called the crumpet shop. I love their crumpets there nice and warm. I ordered mine with cream cheese and maple butter it was amazing with chopped walnuts, along with a fresh cup of orange juice. After breakfast we walked around pikes I was a little disappointed they didn’t have peonies, but it was season for them. After walking the market we walked over to the first Starbucks and bought some memorabilia. After getting our Starbucks swag, we headed to an alley where Seattle’s gum wall is located in pike market surprisingly it looked like a lot of gum had been taken off and there was more business cards from the last time I visited. Surprisingly it didn’t smell so bad as the previous time I visited.

Boat on Elliot bay


After walking around pike market we headed over to take a boat on Elliott bay. I honestly can’t think of the name of the company but it comes along with the city pass and this boat ride is worth all your money for the city pass. The boat ride is about an hour and it takes all long Elliot bay and you get amazing views of the city skyline, its also narrated so they offer valuable information about the city of Seattle a lot of gun facts. It was a sunny day in Seattle so luckily while on the boat we received no rain.



Seattle aquarium ,space needle, science museum


After the boat ride we headed to aquarium it was lovely looking at all the different fishes, and octopuses and otters their where around. After exploring the aquarium, which in fact was super, busy, try and get their early or very late in the afternoon if you want to beat the kid crowds. We found some lunch in Pioneer Square and then drove over to space needle. When we arrived to space needle it was crowded which was predicted since they where closed the day before we weren’t able to get on to space needle until around six in the evening. In the meantime we headed over to The pacific science museum explored and had a lot of fun just playing with their very cool exhibits they had to explore. We also watched a documentary about national parks in the United States, which by the way my cousin and sister both knocked out during the viewing. After the science museum we ventured to space needle at last it took about 15mins to get up due to the wait since their was a long line, but once up it was very busy on the observation deck we tired to take some pictures and after headed home early. Once we where back at our place, we explored our street and found some amazing things like a rainbow sidewalk. It was a nice day to just cool down after such a busy day of tourist things in Seattle. The evening was a tad color but we ate dinner headed back to our apartment and started packing for long car ride back home.


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