See Me By Nicholas Sparks(book review)


The latest book club book was See Me  by Nicholas sparks. I will make this officially the most brief book review ever.

See me by Nicholas Sparks is the love story of Collin and Maria. The story takes place in Charleston South Carolina .Maria is a lawyer working at a firm, which at the moment hates. Collin is a man with a intense past and is trying to clean his name. They fall in love and they go through some adversity. The story centers on Maria’s past and how her past  plays  a big role developing her relationship with Collin I wont spoil, I promise.

Reasons I loved the book and hated it

I loved the book because Nicholas Sparks took the time to do his research when writing about Maria’s character from the way she was and her family. Also I enjoyed that he  included a Hispanic main character in his story. While reading the book I also found Collin ‘character to be very close to the john from Dear John. You can’t help but to love Collin ,he’s just your dreamy guy any girl is waiting for. I disliked that the book was way longer than it needed to be. I felt the book also rushed parts of the romance and dragged the middle part of the story that wasn’t as relative but also rushed the end and than left us hanging. The book is concluded in epilogue but still leaves you wondering for a few pages. I do recommend reading this book even if its one Nicholas sparks longer book I also find it different from other books I’ve read from him in the past. Overall I wouldn’t buy the book unless you want to decorate your library self, rather just pick it up at the library and enjoy a good read I would grade this book a solid C.There was many things I loved about the book and the main love story but there was many things in the story I could of easily enjoyed with out.

Since this was our book club book my friends and I met and had a lovely time at Julissa’s house while she hosted a cute book club meeting. Like always a great discussion happened.She had adorable theme snacks and we chatted about the book till the sun went down.Stay tune for our next book club meeting book selection,excited to start this new book.

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