Peonies in a Frame -Diy

This is officially the easiest DIY I’ve ever done, I saw Chia,Timothy Delaghetto ( youtuber) girlfriend post this DIY and I had to try it myself. Who doesn’t love peonies I know I do ,I can almost say its my favorite flower unfortunately in California we don’t see many of them as we would like. Okay here is the easiest DIY ever.


What to do…..

  1. Frame of your choice
  2. A picture of flowers, scrapbook paper of peonies(mambi sheets)


After having all the materials together,


Open your frame and place your image of the peonies very carefully.


End product:)



Place your lovely frame anywhere you’d like and bam your done. This can make a lovely gift for any friend that loves flowers or any images I’d make two for the person so they can place both of them together somewhere in their desk or their workspace or home.

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