Tuesday news 

Happy Wednesday eve!

 I’m blogging from my phone,just wanted to write a quick update.Work is going and it seems almost like it’s fast forwarding my life.Today I was so drained by the end of the day.I love to plan ahead and gosh I wanna do everything for work but everything takes time and energy.

Anyways even with everything going on I keep reminding myself of my goals personal long and short term ones.I keep  reminding myself what I need and what I want.Sometimes work gets so busy I lose myself.Im going back to working out I’m cleaning up my eating which is good but still lots to do.I’m trying to find a gym where I can do dance type workouts.Also still looking for a bike.In the upcoming month I have so many diys I’ll be sharing with you all.

I have been lacking on the reading department thought I’m behind on the book club book only on chapter three.I will also be sharing new recipes  that are amazing!I wanted to write this blog post because sometimes during the week we sometimes feel lost or unconnected to the real world because work is so consuming .So I invite you to maintain your goals and obtain them also set weekly goals and obtain those as well.my weekly goal is to run twice this week and drink more water and read.

My current obsessions are bacon,advocado,a French cheese and crackers.Songs that I must replay “despues de ti quien” from la additiva and Shakria “bicelleta”.And sipping water with lots of ginger night people may the rest of the week treat you swell!

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