Second Half

I ran my second half marathon and I finished. My knee has been off and on with pain but recently I’ve been pushing myself to do more. In this upcoming month my goal is to be enhancing my physical fitness. The run was more than I could ask for I pushed myself where I thought I couldn’t, since the run I haven’t had any knee pain and that feels amazing. The half marathon was very elite they had a lot of cool sponsors.


We arrived in Oakland just in time to pick our bibs thank goodness because if not my bestie would of rung my neck she already seemed a little annoyed but my lack of attention towards the race I don’t blame her the race wasn’t the priority for me that week. We grabbed our bibs drove to our hotel which was just as I booked it very cute. We headed down the street and loaded on carbs at a local Korean restaurant the place was very healthy it seemed like we ate and still felt great. We later drove down and indulged in some ice cream I got rum vanilla ice cream it was amazing, just amazing.


The next morning was the run and my heart felt a little broken because I knew well I couldn’t run it completely as I wish. As the run started I pushed myself to run as much as I can I enjoyed the run simply because of the running the marathon they where so nice and sweet so supportive. Also the journey the race to you around it gave you very diverse views of Oakland I never knew existed I learn to love and adore parts of Oakland I didn’t t know existed. After the race I devoured mini acai bowl samples they had for the runners and chilled with must needed ice on my knees. We rested a bit before heading back to our hotel to shower. On our way to find the my car we completely lost sense of direction and couldn’t find my car I think we spent 10mins before we finally found it.We head to the hotel showered and headed for lunch. We ate in Dublin and loaded on much needed carbs and finally headed home. The marathon motivated to eat healthier and again be active again.



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