My city has been filled with a tremendous amount of bad reputation in the past years and sometimes even, now people still say your from, and look at me with fear. Nonetheless the city is working really hard to revitalize it and bring a more safe vibe and liveliness to it’s downtown.


So my dear friend and I had been waiting to go for months and months we were so busy over the summer we couldn’t make it to the stock market events. We both thought it was only a summer event luckily we found out it was a whole year event that is held once a month on the third Saturday.



We loved stock market and where thrilled we finally had the chance to see it for our self’s and not the endless instagram pictures. We arrived paid a dollar admission and got stamped with an adorable stamp. We walked around and quickly where in aw, I ran into my friend Johnny that is proactively working on projects to make the city a lively place, he’s an amazing photographer he truly captures stories of the city. We saw some of his work he was displaying I decided to contribute by purchasing a friend and I walked around the several of vendors. We saw a lot of cool things that where handmade and utterly adorable.

Many of the things indeed where a little over priced because they were handmade are always priced for the value of its work. My friend and I purchased these amazing homemade marshmallows that we fell in love. My friend bought some vintage chokers the colors where to die for. I purchased an amazing sandwich that I was in love with food is life. We had a great time exploring stock market and hoping next month we can go again and enjoy the things my city is doing for our community.


(for more on Stockmarket follow them on Stockmarketca on instagram)

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