Man Called Ove Review

Man called Ove Review By Jose Maravillas

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After months of reading romantic novels for our book club we finally got to my book choice. I chose this book in the spur of the moment because it was in Amazon’s bestseller list. I am glad that this book was introduced to us this way. This made for an experience that no one in the club could predict. This was a book that was not on anybody’s radar so there were no preconceived notions of what the book would entail. The author was also unknown to us, coming from a place best known for their cheap furniture.

As stated before, this book was far from what we usually read. It had more depth in some chapters than some series have in a span of multiple books. It deals with what makes us human like: death, happiness, loss, and age. The author lets us experience a story, just one, of a man who just lives life. He does not gift us a lesson in the end, nor does he want to. He just concludes his story with a simple that was the story of a man called Ove.

Ove is an old relic from the past caught in the present. Through the course of the novel we follow Ove in his adventures with his neighbors, who he grows more fond of with time. The novel has this underlying darkness that comes from the want of Ove to commit suicide. I will not give his motive for want to do so, but I can say that he is from a time where everything had a purpose. Unfortunately, he does not believe that he still has a purpose in his world, but he comes to find his purpose through his interactions with his small neighborhood. That is all I can say without giving too much away.


The writing style would be categorized as digestible. It is not the writing of great epics, but it is not dumbed down for the layman. It is straightforward and says just what is needed. Nothing more nothing less. This compliments the attitude Ove embodied throughout the novel, as a man of few words. The novel tells the story through the eyes of Ove, so we are frequented with flashbacks with events that shaped him. Since the setting of the story did not change much, the author was able to focus on build the characters. Which he does a great job at.

The reason I liked this novel was that it knows what it is and does not try to be something other than that. The author does not tell us if a decision is right or wrong. He just shows that in life decisions are made and life simply goes on.



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