Netflix Narcos Review


If you’ve been following either my snap or instagram you probably already know I went a little over board with my obsession over Narcos. I know I’m late on the Narcos band wagon but gosh I ‘m in love, I’m pretty glad I didn’t have to wait a year to see the next season of Narcos. Lets dive into this intense and very favorable review of Narcos.

Narcos touches the story of the famous Pablo Escobar. So who is Pablo Escobar, just the most terrible and powerful men in the cocaine business straight out of Medellin Colombia in the late 70;s into 80’ until his death in 1993.He was pretty much the leader of the Medellin cartel. Narcos focus on the viewpoint of DEA officer’s Murphy and Pena.


Murphy and Pena are both DEA officers working in Medellin trying to crack down on the cocaine imported to the us, however to there little surprise the hunt for Escobar unfolds as a big part of history for the Colombian government and around the world.


One of the many things I loved about narcos was the real footage, narcos does a good job about taking actual footage of events that actually happened and puts it as part of the show it gives the story more creditability. While watching narcos there was endless time I was on goggle fact checking for pure fun.


Another thing that narcos does well is it doesn’t put Pablo Escobar as a hero like other outlets have done when portraying his famous story. However narcos takes the side of murphy and Pena but also doesn’t make Pablo look like an evil guy. Narcos does a good job about giving you all sides of the story. In a way you feel a sort of empathy for Pablo but you come to terms that he did many wrong things. I think I felt most heart broke when I knew aside from the endless killing to his name, putting a bomb on a plane was what made me see wow this person has no limits.


Another narcos does well for those of us that are native Spanish speakers and speak English its like almost music to our ears we don’t have to read the subtitles. The narration of the story is in English but the dialogue between most of the characters is in Spanish.

Narcos also takes place in Bogotá Colombia and Medellin the views portrayed in the story are simply beautiful, I’m actually more moved to visit Colombia after watching narcos however it does sudden how much violence Colombia has gone through but is working towards a better Colombia. I also love the quotes the characters give us, you grow to love and hate many characters through the story. The first season focuses on laying out the story of Pablo and why is he wanted season two turns the story on the hunt and how close Pablo is to being found and close to his death both season give you a lot to want to keep watching.


One of the few things I disliked about narcos was the amount of blood and violence but with out, this would be narcos, narcos can’t be cupcakes and butterflies. When it was night time I would limit my intake of epsiodes, if I did watch at nigh I would try to watch two how I met your mother episodes before falling asleep. I only had one nightmare in all my episodes of watching narcos so I think I didn’t t do so badly.


Lastly but most importantly the cast of narcos most them are a bunch of hotties. From Murphy to Pena you just want to droll seeing them in character and oh Pena with his Spanish and English you just want to be with him. My favorite one but gosh this man playing Pablo oh his accent. Pablo Escobar is played by actor Wagner Moura is a Brazilian actor that Spanish sounds amazing he brings Pablo to life in the best way you cant help but to fall in love with even when he’s as evil as he is and as he gets fat the man just does such a good job of playing Escobar he makes the embody of him so well.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 3.05.30 PM.png


So yes, go and watch Narcos on Netflix, there is a reason why its rated 5 stars, you’ll enjoy the eye candy the history and enjoy a good action story that keeps you wanting more. Netflix has released they will have a season 3 after the death of Pablo which will follow the Medellin cartel, I so cant wait.


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