Eyelashes Yes or NO?

So as many of you know I have very very small eyelashes with very small eyes.I’ve been wanting to try getting eyelash extensions, I have read up on little on the facts however I’m still torn weather I want to actually go through it or I simply  want to just pray and hope my eyelashes grow on their own.I really want to get them however,I’m mostly scared of ruining the few eyelashes I do have so I took it to the experts my friends to see what they had to say.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 5.19.09 PM.png

Pros and cons according to my friends

  • Biggest con is that you will want to keep getting them and they aren’t cheap! 😘
  • Never se te van a caer las pocas que tienes lol
  • You don’t have to put on mascara
  • Other cons I’ve heard are the maintenance and them ruining your natural lashes
  • Makes your eyes stand out more☺️
  • Pro: not worry about mascara or putting on makeup. It also makes your eyes look beautiful. Con: they fall within 2 weeks slowly, so you’ll need to get a refill every month. Also, make sure you go to someone that is certified otherwise all your real eyelashes will fall.
  • Incredibly itchy!!! I don’t wear a lot of eye make up, and I don’t think you do either. So it was very very itchy and you can’t really rub your eyes


After reading my friends suggestions I still feel umm torn i still want them but I dont want to ruin mine I think I will have to try them wait for a special occasion and just be brave and get it over with.


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