No Target Challenge

I’m making a sweeping declaration I will stay away from Target until 2017.The reason is Ive been spending one to much time in target and honestly to much cash there.I mean can you blame me ?I think not!!!!

Target has almost everything I need from snacks to hygiene products to adorable  clothes I can’t resist.Target at times can just be pure evil taking my money as much as it can.I will stay away from target, not buying myself junk I do not need.Stay away from Target Dear Me.I hope during this time away from Target I see more more money in my pockets and simply having better habits on my purchases only getting things I really need and  not things I think I need.After looking at how much money I spent at target I told myself girl step back and see what you really need,I said to myself more money in my pockets.

So I’m calling out anyone that wants to join my short, Target challenge until Jan,2017.

Come on Join me!





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