Maroon Five

I don’t mind spending everyday in the pouring rain…

That line is in fact my favorite lyric of my all time favorite Maroon five song “she will be love”.

My awesome bestie got me tickets to go see maroon five and it was awesome.We headed out early to Sacramento had Thai for dinner it was amazing but I think I over ate a little more than I should. As we arrived to Sacramento the rain hit us .We parked and ran to the arena in the rain literally.

The concert was awesome I enjoyed it so much.Adam Levine is just so awesome there where parts through your the cocncert that his mic sounded to low overall it was off and on but he’s such a great performer.They sang all there hits and their new single and of course my song.They had two opening acts I hated one and loved Tov love but she’s such a provocative performer.AFter the concert to my surprise we managed to rolled out very easily no traffic and made it dry to the car the rain had cleared out.

Within a forty minute drive I made and home to hear the rain and sigh about Marron five.

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