Lands end



This year something I’ve found to enjoy is hiking, I don’t consider myself a hiker but I love to smell the fresh air and challenge myself. So for months and months I had been plotting to do the lands end hike, I will admit the pictures sold me. I gathered a group and said hey lets hike we took two cars since we all didn’t fit in one car. The hike was easy, the worst part was the indeed the stairs those stairs where brutal I must admit. We finished the hike early and wandered around ended at the beach and even ended up in a beautiful neighborhood of San Francisco.I must admit  I was a little disappointed when I saw what I was trying to see in the hike it was so tiny and it wasn’t as mind blowing but it was fun to feel like a tourist in the city and be accompanied by great people.To more hikes in the near future and for more hikes with friends.After the hike we all grabbed some grub and where stuck in traffic for a bit but we enjoyed every slice of pizza after the hike. Luckily when we got home all I wanted to do was rest and rest.




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