Mini chicken flautas


I have been craving chicken flautas for some while especially yesterday when I drove by the taco bell and saw an ad that had these delicious crunchy looking tacos on the window

Flautas are not that easy to make disclaimer.


Grilled chicken

Black pepper and seasoning

Shredded mixed chicken (optional)

Mini tortillas brand guererro

Tooth picks



Sour cream

Salsa of your choice

Shredded lettuce

I tried to go for a healthier option and topped with cucumber and green bell peppers seasoned with


Used grilled chicken and grill it on the pain and season it to give it flavor

Warm up mini tortillas for two minutes

Roll grilled shredded chicken into tortillas careful the tortillas are warm they burned

Once you rolled the falutas, make sure to place the toothpick inside to hold the faluta together. Warm up oil and slowly place falutas to cook and turn over with golden brown or to your preference. Once down place on a napkin to absorb oil. After cooking all falutas serve yourself you’re serving, rule you just can t have one and enjoy along with toppings. I loved my falutas they where so crunchy and delicious.

I would highly recommend pairing these falutas with a fresh guacamole or a very spicy habanero sauce to give it more of a spicy flavor. This is a perfect little appetizer or a main dish, go and try these amazing mini falutas.


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