Another Mana concert for the books. My brother’s birthday had been back in March when I had purchased our Mana tickets it was literally the perfect gift for his bday. Plus it was some brother and sister bonding time. Unfortunately the concert was dead in the middle of the week so with our busy work schedules it was totally inconvenient but we made it work.

We headed towards the concert about two hours before the concert took a detour before arriving to Sacramento to enjoy some Gunther’s ice cream. If you are a local from Sacramento you know that Gunther’s is a must have ice cream. We enjoyed our ice cream and headed towards the concert.


Mana concerts are a must if you are a mana fan. If you enjoy Mana’s music you must make an effort to go see them once in your lifetime. One because life is to short. Two Mana concerts are epic and the vibe their great. I love the Mana concert they started a very strong concert. They used a play of words to captivate their audience and spread the message of love to one another Mana started the concert with “Manda una senal”. They played all their greatest hits expect one of favorite songs “Amor clandestine”. We had a great time and enjoyed yes another epic Mana concert.


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