Lagos De Moreno

A smile 

I arrive and I’m late, a couple minutes late, I get off the car and say my goodbyes to my friend she says, I’ll see you tomorrow for lunch. I see him in the corner of my eye and my heart is already beating.
Its dark and he see’s me. I say hi and sorry for being late, he says no worries. I’m actually very nervous to see him, very nervous but the good kind of nervous the kind that makes it hard to speak. I see him but I try not to make eye contact as we speak. I starting talking away to get rid of my nerves I smile and he’s clearly smiling at me, he tells me are you talking to the street or to me I turn back and make eye contact. We talk, we catch up, the stars watch me as my heart is just beating and talking to him. He says you aren’t going to hug me I reach for his arms and we hug in a hug that seems to last so little but holds so much. We sit on the sidewalk and he gives me a side hug. His face gets really close to mine and his lips reach for mine. I kiss him back I don’t think about it but lose myself in that kiss. I enjoy the kiss and than smile at him as we conclude it. We continue talking, than for some reason or another he grabs my hand he holds it for a little. Than from one moment to another we are together. We are hugging, we are kissing, and we are laughing.
We talk about the issues, we talk about those things that make us happy but most importantly he keeps me lifted, he reminds he still loves; he’ll always love me. I smile I can’t help but smile. Nothing matters we are together, I’m smiling like no other. It feels like we haven’t been apart. We reminisce about old times, we plan for future times.
I feel happiness
I feel true happiness just with his simple presence. I’m myself in the freest way possible not thinking about nothing or the social norms that surround us. He’s himself and I’m myself, the smile can’t leave my face, it can’t and I’m happy he tells your crazy beautiful. He tells me he loves and I’m in his arms we hug; we try to say our byes because the night is getting late. We kiss some more and I laugh he touches my face as I say my face hurts from so much smiling he smiles and he’s happy we both are happy. We stare at the stars and kiss some more. I say your kisses taste just like the very first time we kissed he laughs and says, do they minus the popcorn. I smile and we hug, I say you have to leave its getting late and he says yeah its actually very late .We kiss again and the kiss is a bit longer and our eyes are shut closed and both of us are lost with each other he hugs me close to him and gives me two kisses on my neck as I rest my head on his shoulder. I smile, we smile at each other and we are just happy. Suddenly I look away and I say you have to leave now, I go inside and my face is just lite up, I just want to lay in bed and think about him and sigh all night along. I smile and my heart is full, I’m happy, I felt happiness, I’m in love, I’ve never felt like this before.
And my heart is full of love.

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