First night in Puerto Vallarta

I arrived to Puerto Vallarta it was my very first time vesting this famous Mexican beach, I must admit after my extensive research; my trip was too short but also came in perfect timing. The flight to Puerto Vallarta was pleasant but we literally traveled all day.

We left our house very early to head to the city to fly off to Mexico. I literally started to panic when we were hitting some traffic before heading to the airport I was thinking oh my goodness what I’m I going to do if we miss our flight. Catching the plane was fine however we literally starved all the way to Puerto Vallarta .We didn’t get to enjoy a full breakfast but snacked and snacked on cracker. By the time we arrived to Puerto Vallarta I was so blessed to check in on load our luggage and check in our rooms and change to dine

We were starving and headed to dinner it was seafood style buffet and we were loaded with amazing food. I will say that Barceló food is of the best I’ve seen and have had in Mexico truly I enjoyed the dinner. I had shrimp lots of shrimp with salad and Mexican coke; our waiter was so awesome I had never had such good service in forever.

After dinner our family walked around the hotel and the beach we saw the water in moon light sky and spuriously a couple was getting married and they had a pretty good D.J.My siblings and I headed out to beach took our shoes off ran around the beach and just enjoyed the calm waves of Puerto Vallarta. We headed back to our Room after watching the evening show and I rested in my nice comfy bed. Rest was much needed.

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