Things to love ❤️ about Barceló Resort Puerto Vallarta

Day two in Puerto Vallarta and we were ready to start it early, on our second day was spent at the resort/hotel and we truly relaxed to the max. We woke up and went down for breakfast again the breakfast was buffet style and they had such amazing choices.

Reason number one: I loved Barceló was they had fresh made crepes. I literally enjoyed very bite of them and let’s not mention fresh orange juice.

After eating my parents insisted on walking the beach my brother and I looked at each other like we need to get up to our rooms and put some sun block, but we didn’t we walked along the beach and took in the beach morning breeze.


Reason number two:,were our hotel was located along our morning walk we came across an important little landmark the iguana, the iguana from the night of the iguana the film with Elizabeth Taylor was filmed in Puerto Vallarta right in Mismiyola.The walk along the beach total ranks the resort and gives it that freedom you need while on vacation.

After catching the waves and views of beach we decided to go to our rooms and get some much needed sunscreen we spent the rest of the day in the pool in and out it was fun to be in the pool and relax

Reason number 3 :the pools are fun!!!

Reason number 4:they have plenty of activities for you to participate while we spent the whole day in the pool, my brother was part of a swimming contest, my mother and sister and I did water aerobics and my brother did volley ball, talk about vacation fun.

Reason number 5 :After soaking up all day in the water, we headed out to our rooms to shower and their showers are pretty and the water is just a pleasure to shower in.

Reason number 6: Food again can we talk about how great the food at Barceló is, we headed to the buffet and it was Asian night, had some Asian food, than later we had reservations for a candle light dinner which we enjoyed I was so regretting not ordering the surf and turf that my family had order.

Reason number 7 :again the resort is situated in a private beach and being able to see the beach at night with the stars lighting the sky is something that brings total peace to ones heart.

Reason number 8: the bar I’m not a drinker but the bar was the spot at night the entertanment is great and all you can drink up cokes.

My full day in Puerto Vallarta ended in true relaxation bliss and I wouldn’t have it another way enjoying time with my family and not watching the clock at all true bliss.

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