Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Finally the day we would explore downtown Puerto Vallarta arrived we woke up early had our usual breakfast went up to our rooms after and changed, geared up with the cameras and stuff and of course sun blocked ourselves. We took a taxi van to Downtown Puerto Vallarta.


We got to downtown and we suddenly felt the heat and it truly felt like you where in Mexico. Just looking around everything about downtown Puerto Vallarta makes you feel like you are truly in Mexico. Walking into the downtown you are filled with the view of Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon (boardwalk).


The Malecon is filled with sculptures made by local artist with out doubt my favorite one is nostalgia I had read about it before making the trip to Puerto Vallarta, nostalgia tells the story of two local that feel in love and were separated for many years they went their separate ways. Than years later they ran into each other and decided to be together after all. I love the story and I can relate but it was touching to this sculpture.


Aside from the sculptures the views on the boardwalk are amazing, they recently added big colorful letters that read “Puerto Vallarta”. The famous arcs of Puerto Vallarta are a main attraction; we walked the whole stretch of the malecon and enjoyed the views from its various bridges. There was plenty of shopping along the way.


While we were browsing the shopping centers I came across a beautiful mural I had seen on instagram I must admit I was totally excited. Along the malecon there is plenty of places to eat and shop for the list is endless. Along the malecon they saw have many activities one can purchase sales on sales, the activities are endless.


After walking the malecon we walked towards the church to admire it and get a paletas to refresh. The church was beautiful site however it was having some work done when we passed by so we didn’t have access to go in.

puerto vmalecon.png

After refreshing ourselves with paletas we took a tiny taxi back to the hotel, talk about a little car fitting five people and a driver I was all jammed packed we made it safely to the hotel and head to the rooms to refresh and have a nice swim before dinner.

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