I recently started looking back at old files and I saw something’s and started putting dates together. It’s funny to see mini documentaries of yourself. I was looking at a particular video and I was realizing how pretty happy looks. I was happy and I looked pretty, happy makes you pretty its funny how an emotion can make your face glow. As I looked throughout the files I realized the year 2014 and than sadness went thru my face as I looked back. I remember that visit and I remember seeing you and hugging you and meeting her, you said this is her and I said hello we were polite and I walked away at the moment it was just it. Saying hi and meeting her was the low.


It was like over in my mind however my mind was elsewhere but now looking back it was sad. It feels sad. It was sad just to hug you and think everything was over. I know its not over because looking back at those videos you made me feel happy, you know how to make me feel happy. You make me feel pretty.

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