The time I was locked in my hotel room(Puerto Vallarta)

So this story has two villains my sister Alma and my brother Felix. We were chilling in our hotel room in Puerto Vallarta after dinner we were getting ready to go to bed. It was dark outside you could see the pool lights and hear the music from the bar and the sky was filled with stars.So we had our clothes outside on the balcony and they were drying so my brother and I went to check on them then my sister followed so than some how the door behind us locked. We were locked out of our room we were outside on the balcony. What did we do? Luckily our mom was staying two floors beneath us and she happened to be walking outside on her balcony. We had our mom call the desk to help us get back in our room. So the maintenance people had gone on there to help us however it had been about 30 minutes and we were still outside and nothing. My brother called the desk to see what was happening with our rescue they said they were working on it however cue the music bam bam bam my brother had locked the top of hotel room so the maintenance couldn’t get in using the key.

So after another fifteen minutes going by the maintenance guy crossed the balcony to us by the room next door he opened the balcony door using a key allowing us to get back on our and we were saved. If the key of the balcony didn’t work we would be stuck for a while longer luckily we made back to our rooms. The rule after was one person out in the balcony no more than two for sure and not locking the door until we were literally in bed it was for sure an experience to learn from.



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