How we managed to fit 12 people in a car

Lagos De Moreno,Jal Diaries

So after spending a lovely time at the beach my family and I flew over to visit my parents hometown and I can literally write a whole novel to express how I feel about this place but I’ll focus on the most recent event. So it was like day two in Lagos and we had decided to go out to dinner with the cousins and my aunts. So before going to dinner my brother and I decided to go visit my great friend ale we strolled the downtown and quickly walked over to my cousins. So My cousin Ceci and her husband Oscar and two kids, My cousin Ale, her husband Elias and my nephew Elian, also my Tia Nenis, my mom, my brother my sister and myself that adds to twelve people my cousin ale decided to drive her car with all the kiddos and my aunt. So my brother, my mom my sister, my cousin ceci and my cousin in law Oscar all walk to the place.


We ate wings and gosh they were bomb my favorite with out a doubt were chipotle tamarindo. The table got a bucket of beer of course for me coke was fine. I also ordered my favorite fries which are like a circular cut fries and with a ranch type glaze they are awesome you really enjoy the crunchiness and glaze. After eating and chowing down on the food we took a couple family selfies and just had a ball together.


So after eating it was time to go home and my cousin ale was like we need to drop off my Tia Nenis off she said we all fit in my SUV, I’m like your car is a five people car how are we going to fit 12 people. She said, “Oh we will”, be warn this is in Mexico were car regulations aren’t always followed. So we fit my 6’1 brother in the back along with my cousin ale and two kids. In the front the driver my cousin ale husband and Oscar my cousin in law and toddler in the middle sits my Tia Nenis, myself my sister, my mom and my cousin Ceci.Luckliy our drive was no more than 10 to 15 minutes literally but I just couldn’t people we all fit in that car crazy yes very crazy.


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