“The book club” Season 1


Season 1 of the book club ended last month and it was a successful closing meeting as we ended our meetings we needed to have some mandatory awards for of those that made the book club a living thing back when we started at the end of April. Our book club ran a successful eight months for season 1.As we concluded with our last book “the air he breathes” by Brittany cherry .We had our usual snacks, decisions and ventured to talk about what season 2 would bring for the book club, we had a new member join and a old member leave. We are currently on book two of season two and hoping to have yet another strong season, like things in life many things change and change can be a good thing hoping the book club stays strong and cant wait to read all the new books that are in store.


As season 1 ended in the past 8 months we read many books, some I loved and loved and like the Grinch would say some I completed hate, hate. However we always have to remember the purpose of the book club is not to love or hate all books but to read books that you wouldn’t really read and venture out your reading and learn something new about your self or others. That’s what truly the magic of reading I truly recommend you checking out our books selected for season 1 of the book club I’m sure you’ll enjoy many of these great books.

1.Me before you by Jojo Moyes

2.Big little lies by Laine Moriarty

3.Reawakened by Collen Houck

4.See me by Nicholas Sparks

5.A man called Ove by Fredrick Backman

6.Wonder by R.j.Palacio

7.The air he breathes by Brittany Cherry



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