Just another Kiss Story

The stories of first kisses are the ones that sometimes fill our heart. They are the ones we anticipate or the ones we wish not to tell ever again. Some stories we love to remember because  remembering is like reliving it. Some may say its plain  ludacris that it doesn’t really exist but for others it goes beyond the simple memory.

Frist kiss Story

It was a Sunday evening and I was hanging with my cousin we were at a pool place and hanging with her friends I was waiting to hangout with him. I magically did myself up that day, wore a nice shirt tight pants and nice boots. He arrived and he looked so handsome he was wearing a nice shirt and looked so nice. I smiled at him and he hugged me. We walked for a bit and than he reached out for my hand, I was holding his hand and it felt great my face was lighting up but I tried to contain all my happiness to myself. But I smiled at him we talked as we walked across the bridge in the starry night. We arrived to a store I honestly don t remember why we were there but I think it was fault. We walked around the store holding hands like two love birds. We walked across the frozen food isle and ,I stopped in front of the fridges him, holding my hand.I looked at the fridge looking at our reflections and saying wow we look so happy together, and he said yeah we really do and smiled at me with eyes that I can’t describe.

We walked around the store for some more he bought me popcorn and hibiscus tea water.We left the store and heads towards downtown  we walked holding hands we took a different route .We stopped on the edge of the bridge and shared the popcorn we were eating popcorn .Suddenly he looked at me and as I kept eating popcorn he got close to me,he kissed me as we still both had popcorn in our mouths I remember both of us putting the popcorn to the side and kissing each other it felt so right it felt perfect.We kissed some more, and we couldn’t help ourselves having these popcorns kisses.I was happy and that was our first kiss, the famous popcorn kisses.



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