Cabo San Lucas,Quick Adventure

This month’s  Guest Writer:Marath Pich with a one of kind of adventure on her first trip to Mexico in Cabo San Lucas.

I was running fifteen minutes behind, bringing down my arrival cushion time to 30 minutes. You’re probably thinking this girl is a little weird and anal. And you’re probably right and I blame my Asian genes. The key problem in all this was that I had an international flight to catch and a friend in tow [she would have killed me]. And so started my very short Cabo trip.

Let me rewind the story a little bit. A college friend was due to get married and the bachelorette party had been planned for Cabo. I had just gotten my passport and that immense desire to actually use it was strong. Factor in the group I would be going with [they could outdrink me] and I was sold.

I’ve never left the United States, not since I arrived here as a baby. From the airport to the resort, we passed houses and make shift restaurants. We saw people walking along the street while cars moved in imaginary lanes. Then it shifted to landscaped greens, and fenced buildings. We didn’t spot people, not unless they were tending to the greenery. Some buildings were in the midst of construction, while others appeared to be abandoned. We arrived at the gates of Secrets, our resort and waited for clearance. Once we got out of van, the employees greeted us with champagne. We checked in and made our way to the room.


The strange things about all-inclusive resorts for newbies [like me]:

1. You aren’t stealing when you walk in and grab something from the 24 café/store. I had to initially get over the weirdness of not walking up to the counter and paying.

2. Leaving after you finish your meal at a restaurant/buffet. Okay, maybe I’ve always dreamed about skipping out on the check, but it’s a bit strange when you don’t get one either.


3. Ordering room service. Room service = large bill, basic equation in my head at any place. Let’s just say once you realize that equation doesn’t apply, it was easy to call up for meals.

4. Unlimited drinks. Ever walk up to the bar and order a load of shots? Expensive. But here, I could sit at the pool bar and drink my heart away. [Maybe this fits more into the realm of perks]


Overall, it was a fun trip. We danced, we ate and I think we created a number of special memories. We dressed up for dinner, the bar, the pool and our outfits were coordinated. Factor in limitless margaritas [or insert your drink of choice], the pools, ocean views and you have a recipe for an amazingly great time. I enjoyed my early morning walks the most. During that time, the resort had a different feel, almost deserted. The only people I encountered were the workers going about their business. So very different from the hustle and bustle of midday or mid-afternoon. It’s like I had the place all to myself, a secret place.


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