Lake Tahoe

Glad to have another guest writer this month :Jose Maravillas check him out check him out on Instagram sirmarvelous

Unplanned Tahoe Trip

My morning started with, “Get up Jose we are going to Tahoe.” I had known only the night before that a trip to Tahoe was in the works, but had no idea of the specifics. The only thing I was told was if I wanted to go. Yes I wanted to go, who wouldn’t want to go see Northern California’s winter wonderland. I was excited all night so I couldn’t go to sleep. I ended up laying out my clothes, charging all my camera gear, and clearing out my memory cards. By the time I was ready it was 4 am, so I forced myself to go to sleep.

When I woke up I still felt tired because I only had a couple hours of sleep. I made myself a quick breakfast and headed out. When we finally arrived it was 3 pm. With only a couple more hours of sunlight we decided to skip seeing the South Tahoe town and going to the snow.

We found a hill and had a snowball fight and did a little bit of sleighing. When our toes and fingers were frozen we decided to head into town to grab a bite to eat.

The town was packed with people trying to do the same thing. One restaurant gave us a 40 min wait time so we gave them our number and went to see if another place was faster. We found a place and sat down. I ordered some sliders and sweet potato fries, but they were average tasting. After that we did some shopping and headed home. The drive back was scary because the roads are dark, icy, and had many curves. Would I do it again? Yes, it was fun hanging out with family. Since we did not have any plans we had no expectations going into the trip. So everything we did was enjoyable.

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