2017 is almost here

Every time a New Year starts I strongly believe I will change I will try new things I will stick to a workout regimen or something magical will begin in the New Year. Unlike most new years this year coming I’ve felt a lot of self-doubt or fear, I don’t know if it’s my awareness to the world or what. But we all know things don’t just magically happen we have to work hard towards whatever we want.So there is a lot of work  that lies ahead in the new upcoming year.I’m hopefully this New Year I will accomplish many things I have set up for myself that in fact will make a better person and will grounded individual.

First on the list is well being working on my well-being is essential for me to kick off 2017


Working out six times a week min 30 mins- exercise routine

Clean out my diet

More self-awareness of myself

Having enough sleep

Self love


As I embark on this new journey I reflected that 2016, I spent a lot of money on nonesense stuff, 2016, in this new coming year I plan on being more frugal about my expenses and cutting back on stuff and being more track on my financial goals.


Cutting back on fast food


I like to travel and exploring far and short distances, but most importantly not being afraid to experience new places.


In 2016, I felt I was always busy but in this coming year I would like to have more control of my time and not feel like I’m always busy.


I love to take pictures but in this coming year I want to expert in vlogging and getting back to editing videos.


In the New Year I want to stay grounded and remind myself to stay grounded and grateful for everything I’ve accomplished this far and soon will accomplish.

I’m excited for all the things this new year and new blank pages I will start but most importantly health and well-being and working on my fear I is all I hope for in this new year.

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