When people say “your not a mom so…..”

“You don’t understand”

I’ve been on vacation so I’ve had time to reflect.Two months ago when I had my thanksgiving break i had a conversation with a close friend and the talk about kids came up.I remember saying yes I want kids,I’ve even come to terms to becoming a step mother .Its no secret I love kids I’m a teacher for goodness sake and even tho I’m sassy and bossy I love kids.I know kids will come sooner or later and we are never truly ready for them.As some of my friends start having kids I often feel they think there better” humans” than me because I can’t understand what’s it’s like to be a mother.I’m not a mother how would I know what’s it’s like.Honestly with all the respect you deserve it’s annoying!

Hear me out, you can’t go around saying this nonsense and this is why,hundreds of women can’t have kids and many times these are the women that want kids the most.Many other women suffer from infertility issues.

Another things I often hear is “we’ll do things while you can because when you have kids”….It literally feels like it’s the end of you.Its not but things will change that’s forsure.A baby changes you I’m sure but just be careful when you make these comments to your non- baby friends . Lastly acting like your non baby friends know nothing about babies is a total disrespect yes most things learned about babies come within experience but it doesn’t mean your friends can’t put two and two together.

As I gamble about my feelings ,I reflect on thinking wow becoming a parent is tough.The love ,the sacrifice,I was just thinking man I wouldn’t wanna leave my kid somewhere far in another country ,even if they were with family I’d miss em.Than I think dang my mom did that for me just thinking about all the things parents go thru for there kids amazes me.I was talking to my coworker a few weeks ago and he was telling me about the time when he took his daughter to kindergarten and how he saw her in the corner by herself he said it was the toughest thing to see so he picked her up and left ,it melted my heart because I knew how much he loved his daughter.As a parent you love your kids but you have to let them grow and shape and I think sometimes it’s the over love that gets our kids in trouble.I think being able to understand what a parent means before becoming a parent gives you a little more time to reflect on the type of parent you wanna be.So again no im not desperate for kids but I’m aware of the challenges I’m willing to take on when it’s time,even like I said we are never truly ready for this task.

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