This month is almost over and I’m glad but also sad at the same time this month has been crazy and dreadful.As I wanna stay positive things have shifted my whole process for this new year things just feel very unclear. I ‘all focus on the things that have been positive this post will literally be all over the place.

I’ve picked up running I’m currently running two to three miles every two to three days.

Working out at the gym the stair master have become my friend

Work is well

Picking up beauty habits


Wearing jeans again

Made butter

Reconnected with people 

New phone

Starbucks…bread and butter addiction (ending today)


As I’ve said this month has been extremely difficult but I won’t touch on that things that I have had a total change of thought are traveling and my book club at one point I wanted to stop both of those things in my life I’m hoping the next month is better but it still looks cloudy and dark.o

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