Banana Sweetness on Waffles

Sharing a quick tip to make your banana experience on Waffles a little more flavorful.I took this recipe from easytoddlermeals on instagram and Tamera Mowry from the real also used it for her daugther Ariahs breakfast.So easy have your waffles as a base any of your choice I used some I got from traders Joe’s and Tamera used eggos.

What you’ll need  Waffles with toppings, such as syrup and strawberries,or any berries and whip for your choice.

Banana Sweetness

1 banana cut in circles

1/4 of butter melted

a dash of  cinnamon

1 spoon of almond of butter or peanut butter of your choice

Mix all wet ingredients well than pour on to bananas until bananas are fully covered

Place the mixture on a pan and cook for about 5mins until bananas get a little color bananas shouldn’t be on fire over 5mins

Once bananas sizzle  place over your waffle and enjoy the bananas have such a flavorful taste.



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