February Playlist

My guest writer:Maria Orozco, read her most favorite songs 🙂

February Playlist: My most played songs this month & why. 

  1. Kanye West // I Wonder – I came across this song at work when my coworker played it for me. The beat is so catchy you can’t help but move to the beat.  S/O to Joel!
  2. Fetty Wap // 679 – this song makes me go back to when I visited my best friend at her Uni (Chico) for Halloween. #ChicoWeen2016 this is the song that played as me & my friend took a road trip to visit Jasmine. It was played many more times that night mostly because this is when Fetty Wap was becoming big & Chico loved Fetty Wap. The only picture I have from that night is the one below in my costume. I’m a cheetah but the whole night everyone thought I was a lion lol
  3. Marc E. Bassy // Morning – every time this song comes on for some reason it makes me feel comfortable in my own skin, which is probably the reason I play it so often.
  4. Nef the Pharaoh // Big Tymin’ – whenever this some comes on I can’t help but reminisce on my high school memories. This was my cliques song. We would listen to it over and over again but we would never get tired of it. It made us feel connected when we all sang the lyrics in unison and gigged to it. We would sit in our cars during lunch and blast this song, usually in my friend Kimberlys car cause he system was loud & sounded suuuuper nice.
  5. The 1975 // Chocolate – This is the type of song you listen to when you go on long drives while the sun is setting and everything around seems like it’s picture perfect & aesthetic af. 
  6. R. Kelly // Ignition (Remix) – this is one of those songs that is a classic. Everyone should know the lyrics to this song & when it comes on you have to dance & sing your heart out no matter where you are or who you’re with. This song usually plays when me and my friends are hanging out.
  7. Galantis // Runaway (U & I) – this song makes me want to go out and do something fun, crazy, adventurous, do something to make for a fun memory to look back on. It makes me feel some type of way which is why I play it very often! 
  8. Shwayze // Love is Overrated – you’ll listen to this song when you just want to let loose and have a little fun. The beat alone makes you want to smile and feel good. Happy beat. 9
  9. Ty Dolla $ign // Wavy – if you want a song to turn up to, this is that song. 
  10. Lil Uzi Vert // You Was Right – after stumbling upon this song it quickly became one of my favorites. The beat is so chill yet in a way up beat, it keeps you moving & rapping along! 
  11. YG // Any song by his is constantly being played by me in my car or whenever I have the chance to listen to music. Listening to his music makes me wanna go hang out with friends, have some fun, party, etc. that was definitely who I was listening to on my birthday! 
  12. Berner // Feel // Float – These two songs are my go to’s whenever I have a smoke sesh. He makes his music for his fellow stoners & you feel the music when you get high. 
  13. Oshea // You – when you finally find someone who gets you for who you are & vibes well with you, listen to this song. 
  14. Post Malone // Go Flex – my best friend & I listen to his whole album on the daily but this song would definitely be our most played. This song was playing while we took the picture in fact. 





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