Why you should have Hi Steak in Hawaii 

Why eat at histeaks
Hi steaks for starters hits the spot while my first visit to Hawaii I had the pleasure of trying hi steaks .I’m sure you’ve heard that Hawaii is ridiculous expensive from the smallest things such as literally a tooth brush so here I’ve come up with a list of why hi steaks is an option when your trying to eat up to par.
1. Hi steaks is located in a convenient location away from crowded crowds in Waikiki 

2. They have very reasonable operating hours so perfect for lunch and a late dinner

3. The price is a steal for a full meal with steal your price is 12 dollars meaning if you by a drink your meal is under 15

4. Flavor is great ,I love my steak a little more over done and I recommend it a hundred percent

5. You have the option of a couple different sauces for your steak you are in control of your plate

6. So yes hi steaks is a must option if you want a flavorful meal and want to stay with in budget.

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