Dear :Mybravediaries

Dear: Mybravediaries

Where Have I been ?where I’m I going?what happened in march?
Currently I’m just trying to rebuild myself and focus, last month I wanted to start writing to this blog and be a hundred percent focus for some reason I couldn’t, I didn’t feel the need to share as much as I would like or simply write. The weeks have been getting better but currenlty sticking to living day by day.For a person like me I love to plan ahead of everything ,be aheaeans living for me  but I’ve learned that’s not the most convenient route at times.

I’m summarize a bit of what March was, I’m kind of sad March is over I’ll admit.March is my favorite month, and no its not my birthday.So in March I took a trip to Hawaii,I had a blast the views in Hawaii are truly amazing maybe later I’ll share somethings about Hawaii but for now it feels a little dated.In March I also did my frist work trip which was fun I flew out to So Ca.I learned how to play pool which was cool I also saw my cousin Yin which was really unexpected but so glad he made the time to come out to see me.In March I saw Arianna Grande which was cool but I definatly loved watching Little Mix preform truly fun.I started a fit challenge which I will admit has been hard to keep with but now I’m focusing on eating my macros and defintaly has been helping.In March I also decided that a year from now I’ll participate in the big climb for leukemia in Seattle .So in march I started training for this slowly but surely I’ll make it:).The book club has been going strong , preparing myself for the one year anniversary .March was long but it also allowed me to try new things meet new people trying to be open again I’m still coping but it’s gotten better .Ive reconnected with people I’m trying to be more of quality with quaintly I’m trying to be more focus but it’s hard.I think this pass month allowed me to just want to try or put myself in new challengers even thought my heart didn’t want it I guess you can say I wanted to find a project which kept me busy in march I decided to withheld from traveling as much this year but  as I’m moving and working on myself I look forward I wanna cry sometimes and just write the things in my heart but I’m focusing on my projects and summer vacation to realizing a lot of new activities and working truly on being a better person.
WIth that being said for the month of April I will be rolling out the dear diary  in April I will write dear diary  entrees in this blog, I’m currently working on macros and climbing staris  even thought I’m not tracking long distances I’ll still share it I’ll slowly start returning to my bravediaries 🙂

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