Dear :Diary ( drive for …)



So last Saturday I was feeling some sorta of kinda of way and bam I said to myself let’s not be home.I simply didn’t want to be home I didn’t.My friends had just recently been to the city and found the cutest macaroons.I like I didn’t want to be home I took myself to the city to find these macaroons I literally wanted to just find them.I drove for an hour and forty five minutes.I wanted to drive all the way out there and than still have time to shop at home.We drove made it to Daly city grabbed the macaroons my sister and I were literally in and out of there.I tried to get a good look at all the different macaroons they had especially the characters one.By far my favorite ones were the red velvet and the birthday cake ones.Would I drive out there just because probally not but will i go out there yes.I enjoyed the red velvet and birthday cake.



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