Dear: Diary (Finally meeting instagram friends)

It has been about a little over two years since; I started following Kari on instagram. I came across her instagram page because she has this incredible teacher style fashion. I loved her page because she dressed so incredibly cute but also stayed on a budget. Kari is a teacher like myself and her page was inspiring because I loved that yet being a teacher you could still be fashionable and look amazing. She’s a big thriftier and she finds the cutest things and makes the cutest outfits. I started following Kari, as my teacher career started to form on its own I loved looking at her page for inspiration and ideas. I never really got to go all out like Kari but I gave myself the chance to explore a little. So last year I wanted to have a pen pal so I asked Kari if she wanted to be my pen pal for the summer we exchanged a couple letters and got to know each other better. Than finally last Sunday we decided to make a date to shop and finally meet we thriftier together though most of the time we just chatted away. It was so cool to finally meet her and talk to her. I felt like such a little kid meeting a star or just having a fan girl moment. I loved spending time with Kari because she’s totally down to earth, but also because it gave me a break from being me around my friends but me around new people. I can’t wait until I meet again with Kari over the summer and chat up again. It was fun to finally meet a friend that became a friend thru instagram.

P.S. Today I met another instagram on accident as well, it felt pretty cool to be recognized on the street like hey you’re my instagram, sounds weird and creepy but it’s a form a way of knowing people in the community because of this new instagram friend now I know about a event happening in the Sacramento area which has me very excited to try new food.

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