Why people fall in love with Hawaii

I started planning this trip to Hawaii, literally out of no were .For some reason Hawaii wasn’t really ever on my hit list, the reason was I felt it was very cliché everyone I’ve had talked who had gone to Hawaii always says” I love Hawaii”. I ‘m one not to follow trends when it comes to vacation locations but sometime you just have to go where you want to go. So Hawaii became an official plan. We were going to Hawaii. Reasons why people tend to fall in love with Hawaii, I’ll admit even before Moana Hawaii was already beautiful and the world just truly needs to experience it. Just landing into Hawaii I was already a happy girl a starving girl but a happy one. I loved getting to Hawaii getting my keys to a car driving in ah to everything I would see.

 So here is a quick list of reasons why you should visit Hawaii, or plan on visiting soon.

 1.Beaches-Hawaii is an island and there is plenty to check out it’s a must to get in the water and just enjoy the many beaches. There is actually many beaches where the waves aren’t so harsh and the water is calm exploring the island alone is a treat of its own.


2.Weather- it feels like summer all the time the humidity is kicking in high gear.

 3.Food- Shrimp all day literally if you love shrimp you can find the best shrimp in Hawaii and at a totally affordable price. Another favorites and must have of the island are acai bowls, and ice snows just to name a few but we know Japanese cuisine is also very popular in Hawaii.



4.Hikes-Many hikes with incredible views, views to waterfalls views to the beach or just pure island life.

 5.Island Life: means to give no care of the world of what is happening anywhere else, slowing down eating food that makes you happy and enjoying sunsets and sunrises and sipping some Hawaiian lemonade enjoying the rain and swimming in the beach.


So go to your computer browse for flights book a place and pack your bags and head off to Hawaii but before you to  that don’t forget to add the moana soundtrack to your playlist so you can sing your heart out❤️ around the island 🌴.

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