Dear diary  …My FAVORITE Lush products

Dear diary my favorite lush products

About three months ago I was living under a rock and had no knowledge about lush.Lush is a brand that creates vegan, cruelty free products that are a 💯 percent natural.Lush is most popular for there soap bombs that are adorable and just the cutest.So yes I discovered lush and quickly became obsessed.Lush’s company is based in Vancouver Canada and like I said all there products are a 100 percent natural so there product tends to have a short window before it goes bad.

Since I’ve become recently obsess with the products I list my favorite products that I think you should def try out

1.face 🎭 masks what I’ve tried the most is the face masks and I think they are truly amazing

I’ve favorite is don’t look at me,I’ve also tried the rosy cheeks(currently) the Ayesha  I can’t wait to try more of the mask they all look so fun

2.Shaving cream

Duff shaving cream is a top on this list because it feels amazing on your skin, shaving will never be the same and the pot i bought has lasted me over three months it is def worth your money 


3.Cleanser( let the good times roll)

Not only does it feel amazing on your face but it also feels amazing on your skin the texture of cornmill is another level,many recommend the aqua marina but that one dried  out my skin.


4 Lip gloss this lip gloss feels so natural and the flavor is so tasty unlike other lip glosses its not to sweet its just fine for your taste buds

try rose 🍭 lollipop

5.Shampoo Big shampoo feels like pieces of salt in your hair but man do they do the trick the smell in your hair is amazing I just had the sample and I cant wait to get my hands on a full bottle.

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