Dear diary ( online schooling)

Attention I’m a online student,Yes I’m taking online classes and it weird but very cool at the same time it’s currently giving me something to do.I started taking some classes to enhance my teaching skills and even thought the subject of the classes aren’t my preference it feels good to write and read.The classes are pretty manageable in terms of completing them at your own speed.The only downer is I have to purchase a book for each class and than wait for the book in the mail you know the drill.

About four months ago I had signed up for my first class and totally was not in the mood to complete such class I was at point of giving up literally.So yesterday I literally finished most of the class within hrs and just have one assignment pending before I obtain a grade.Let me tell you I was pretty empresses.So eager from my success I signed up for another two courses I need a total of 11 classes for my job and I’m planning to knock em out before summer is over.So can I finish these online courses let’s see, I don’t plan on getting straight A’s but I also don’t want C’s my goal is to have a good grade but also I’m the quickest time possible I know I’m learning but focusing on how I need to finish these classes keeps me motivated  so say hello the newest online student.

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