Dear diary(stair training)

Stairs  have become my friends recently since I decided that next year I will indeed climb a skyscraper in the city of Seattle for a good cause.Its the big climb for lukiemia research.Even thought this climb is like a year away it has given me again something to look at as a long term project which is really exciting for me the goal is to climb 64 floors which equals 1300 stairs  crazy but totally doable.

So I started my training with the stair master at the gym and we fell in love it’s he love that causes you a lot pain but intense love (it’s an intense workout).Than I went to my old college and started counting all the stairs and have gone at least twice a week to do staris since I have bad knees it’s not always the most optimal but I’m fighting it.Ive done 1300steps on about 11mins the goals is just to keep getting faster and injury free by the date of the climb which I will take as a slow but progressive training .

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