Dear:Diary (Oakland hike )

We couldn’t find the trail,It took two hrs to find the route and while we drove to the place.We took an alternative route that I’ve never took before.We saw the beautiful view of the bay and kept driving for a while we tried to find a a trail but had no success until we drove to Oakland further on.We enjoyed views of these amazing big houses that I couldn’t help but love.We snacked as we were trying to find a trail we haven’t eaten at all.we were literally starving .We hiked for a hour and enjoyed a nice trail the out doors we played with confietie eggs and just had a good time.

We got lost after we were on route to eat at our favorite bbq meat place smoking 🐷 pig.We took an alternative route were there was these huge houses with a very winding road I started to get dizzy and our phones had no service literally it was fine for some reasons gps was still working.I stopped driving and my partner took on the wheel and than we hit a closed road it was a epic fail.We had been on that road for about 10mins we took another route  and finally ate at our favorite place.

Ended the night driving back hitting the Pleasanton mall and some night ice cream.

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