Dear:Diary (Macros the start)

I joined a weight loss challenge at work and I was totally failing at it when I was eating chicken nuggets from McDonald’s and dipping them in to haberno ranch and sipping coke. You see I was addicted and I was still working out 🏋 but getting no results of anything I was very unhappy.My brother started getting me aquatinted with macros he got my numbers and I started eating the number of carbs I needed the number of protein I needed the number of fat I needed.Sounds very easy well guess what it’s not that easy trust me. For starters to lose weight my numbers were very low.I had to weight all my food read labels and literally log it all in the first week I lost 3lbs it felt great now I’m struggling to look at my numbers and hoping I’m doing this correctly over the weekend I screwed it up I hit high fat and high carbs which explains my gain weight in the past stay tune for more of my macros journey how I’m doing with my weight loss and what my favorite Marco friendly foods are 💕💕💕👌🏻👌🏻🏋🏻

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