Dear:Diary .. The 100 chicken nugget challenge

I always just wanted to  drive up to mcdonalds drive thru and literally say I wanna order a 100 chicken nuggets please,I did just that so check this out easter sunday we were totally bored and the weather in california sucked(why I don’t know).So surprised my cousins visited us and we drove to mcdonalds in plan to do a 100 chicken nugget challenge so disclaimer only about 75 nuggets made it to the challenge because my cousin jose chicken out all minute.My sister Alma, My brother Felix and Cousin christopher all had 25 chicken nuggets to eat the catch was they had to dip in to random sauces and drink a large drink.So my brother was the most uncomfortable one he hates the sauces he got.After about 26 mins my sister was the winner of the challenge with only about 4 nuggets left happened she actually like honey mustard and bbq to dip she went in for it for the win:)


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