Dear Diary ,Stress,Life and more

Sigh it’s been busy with work, online classes trying to read(failing at reading)and trying to figure out how To wear makeup and fit in workouts and count my macros.Its been stressful I’ve felt the stress.I try my best to manage all these crazy things that keep me busy but it’s hard.Realization life is hard you know especially when you feel you have to do your best in everything you do.

Last week I had a panic attack and cried myself to work.I was so stressed for something that was going on at work that I felt so outta balance like I needed to do more.Nonetheless as I try and balance I truly feel I just need more time to do things what are some ways you deal with stress and balancing all the things you do?

Sigh sigh i hate feeling I have so many things going on and feeling like I’m failing at all of them  I know that’s rubber band talk but still I feel stressed and not productive

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